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Rockwood Safe Together
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In Classrooms and Student Areas

​​​Staff Check-in and Classroom Practices

All Rockwood staff members must complete the COVID-19 Self Report Form prior to starting their school day. Consistent with the St. Louis County Department of Public Health guidance, staff members who have symptoms will notify their supervisor and stay home.

In order to maximize health and safety, all staff members​, students and visitors will wear cloth face coverings at Rockwood schools.

Staff members will encourage students to follow district and CDC guidelines for their health and safety. Frequent handwashing will be encouraged. Handwashing and hand sanitizing will be built into classroom routines.​

Practices for Social Distancing

In the classroom, seating will allow for social dista​ncing when possible. Furniture and desks will be arranged or removed to allow maximum space and distance between students. Extra care will be taken to keep students’ belongings separated. In addition, the sharing of materials, such as school supplies, electronic devices, books, toys and equipment, will be avoided when possible. 

Students will stay together in small groups as much as possible, and there will be a limited mixing of students and staff groups. Class time, travel within the building, lunch, and playgrounds​ will be staggered and spread out to alternate spaces when appropriate ​to allow for social distancing. When students travel in the hallways, there will be visual aids to direct students throughout the building. These visual aids will illustrate directional traffic flow and appropriate spacing to support social distancing.

Educators and staff will limit the number of students using the restroom to avoid mixing students from different classes. Hand washing and using hand sanitizer will be encouraged throughout the school day.

Our teachers will identify options to share information with families remotely so parents can continue to engage with the classroom and participate in the needed discussions about student learning and behavior.​