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School Cleaning and Disinfecting

​​​​​​Schools will follow safety and disinfection guidelines developed by the Centers for Disease Control and the St. Louis County Department of Public Health for classrooms, workspaces, outdoor spaces, and playgrounds.​​

Cleaning Products and Application

Rockwood custodial staff are implementing an advanced level of protection with a new cleaning application that persistently and continuously protects surfaces for up to 90 days. An additional antimicrobial spray application will prevent the growth of viruses—including the coronavirus—as well as bacteria, fungus, mold and mildew. It can be used on both porous and nonporous surfaces for up to 90 days. However, in Rockwood our custodial staff will reapply every 60 days to ensure coverage.

Nightly Disinfecting

Custodial staff will be performing nightly disinfecting wipe downs on "high touch" hard surfaces as part of their daily cleaning procedures. Once the product is applied in the building, spraying and misting procedures will include one application per week.

​Disinfecting Wipe Downs

Daily disinfecting wipe downs will be performed in the evening by a custodial staff member or as needed during the day for extenuating circumstances.


Restrooms will be checked and cleaned regularly throughout the day. We will document this cleaning schedule on the back of the door of the restroom.

Cleani​ng Schedule

Regular schedules will be instituted at the school building levels for disinfecting procedures. As always, should a positive case arise on a Rockwood campus, the custodial staff will work with the building principal and nurse to identify and deep clean the impacted areas as soon as possible.

HVAC Systems

The indoor/outdoor air exchange levels for our building HVAC systems are directed by St. Louis County building code and ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers). For several years, our HVAC systems have been equipped to exchange indoor and outdoor air. ASHRAE has recently recommended increasing the fresh air supply into buildings to dilute potential contaminants. Indoor/outdoor air exchanges occur at a rate of 3-9 times per hour in all district buildings depending on occupancy load and Co2 levels. In addition, all district HVAC units utilize antimicrobial filters that are replaced at a minimum every quarter. All of these filters are scheduled to be most recently replaced by the first day of in-person learning at each location.​