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School Nurse News

​​On the Rockwood Safe Together School Nurse News page, our school nurses will help provide answers to frequently asked questions they hear from our school communities.

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Q: Why does the whole family have to stay home to wait for test results if only one member is being tested for COVID-19? 
A: Transmission of the virus happens easily among family members in the same household. To protect the health of others in our school communities, we ask that if anyone in the household is exhibiting COVID-like symptoms and awaiting test results, all family members remain at home. This will help limit transmission to others in the school setting.

Q: Can students or staff members return to a school setting if they still have symptoms of COVID-19 after their 10-day isolation period is over?
A: No, we ask that everyone who comes to school or work be fever free for 24+ hours without the use of fever-reducing medications and generally feel well. A lingering loss of sense of smell/taste is not uncommon and, if that is the only symptom not improved, you may return to school/work. For employees, if isolation lasts beyond the required 10 days due to ongoing symptoms, please contact your medical provider for their advice and written clearance to return to work when well enough to do so.

Q: If we travel out of the country over spring break do we have to quarantine when we return? For how long?
A: The CDC currently recommends postponing all non-essential international travel. If you do need to travel out of the country, we encourage you to follow all the recommendations upon returning from that trip, including a COVID-19 test and a seven-​day self-quarantine. 

Q: Why does my child still have to quarantine for 14 days even if they have received a negative test when some agencies say that a negative test can shorten the time of return from quarantine?
A: St. Louis County has not adopted modified quarantine guidance due to ongoing high rates of illness in our area, and we are following the guidelines set forth by the St. Louis County Department of Public Health.

Q: One of my children was just informed of the need to quarantine. Does that mean I need to pick up my other children as well and bring them home from school?
A: No, only the child who has been identified as a close contact of a person with a case of COVID-19.

Q: My child has a positive antibody test and note from our MD that they do not need to quarantine. Why are they not allowed to return to school?
A: St. Louis County guidelines do not allow us to accept a positive antibody test as proof of immunity or to release a person from quarantine. A positive COVID-19 test result in the past 90 days will allow someone to be exempted from quarantine, but only if their subsequent exposure is within the 90 days following their ​onset of symptoms or asymptomatic positive test date.
Q: What is the difference between isolation and quarantine?
A: Both are important miti​gation strategies to help slow the spread of COVID-19. People who are diagnosed with COVID-19 need to isolate themselves until they are no longer at risk of infecting others. Quarantine​ is for people who have been identified as close contacts with someone who has been diagnosed with COVID-19. Isolation involves: staying home; staying away from household members; and not going to work, school or public areas. Quarantine involves: staying home and not going to work, school or public areas. For more information on isolation and quarantine, please visit the St. Louis County COVID-19 website.

Q: Why is there a need to quarantine individuals who have been identified as close contacts of positive COVID-19 cases?
A: Quarantining is one of the most effective preventative strategies we can employ to help ensure COVID-19 does not spread in our school communities. If you have been exposed to a case of COVID-19, you may not know that you are sick or show any outward symptoms, but you can still spread the virus. Rockwood currently follows the St. Louis County Department of Public Health guidance: close contacts of COVID-19 cases need to quarantine for 14 days from their last exposure.

Q: Once I have received the COVID-19 vaccine, does that mean I no longer have to practice mitigation strategies?
A: ​People who have been vaccinated against COVID-19 still need to continue following our Rockwood Safe Together mitigation strategies. Wear a mask, wash your hands frequently, keep your distance to the extent possible, and conduct your daily health screenings for symptoms. We must stay the course as we protect ourselves and others from the spread of the virus, ​now and in the months to come.