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Rockwood Celebrates National Custodial Staff Appreciation Day

 A Rockwood custodial staff member smiles with four Rockwood students

On Monday, Oct. 3, we celebrate the dedication and determination of our Rockwood School District custodial staff members.

“Our custodial team is the backbone of our school district,” said Rockwood custodial supervisor Joshua Ekstrom. “They are some of the strongest and most proud employees I have ever had the honor of working with. We appreciate all of the hard work they do every day.”

At Uthoff Valley Elementary, kindergarten teacher Liz Schenck and her students created a large sign that reads, "We love our custodians!"

"I feel like it's important for our kids to understand what custodians do for us in our building and how they keep us safe and healthy," Schenck said. "The kids decided that we should make them a big sign so that our custodians can hang it up on one of their doors for the school to see. We appreciate and love them very much."

Please give our custodial staff members a huge shoutout when you see them this week. They've worked tirelessly to support all of the many moving logistics throughout the district, assembling furniture and completing hundreds and thousands of tasks to support classrooms and buildings and finding a way to respond to all of the many custodial needs throughout the entire district on any given day.

"To all our custodial workers, thank you for all your dedication and commitment, for putting students first and being good role models," added custodial supervisor Joe Trimberger. "Thank you for all the hard and extra work you do for our schools in these challenging times. You are greatly appreciated on this day and all other days of the year."