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National Principals Month Appreciation: Blevins Elementary

October is National Principals Month, a time to honor our principals for their dedication and thank them for all they do for our school communities. In Rockwood School District, we are grateful for the leadership our principals provide as we strive to do whatever it takes to ensure all students realize their potential. In honor of National Principals Month, we asked staff members, students and families in our school communities to send us their reflections about their principals, and we received more than 400 responses!

Here are some from Blevins Elementary about principal Hector Ramirez and administrative intern Sara Thomason:

From staff

The Blevins Elementary administrative team“They are supportive of all students and staff members, helping out wherever and however they can.”

“Thank you for always being there to support and taking an interest in our lives!"

From parents and guardians

“Mr. Ramirez and his staff have created such a fun and engaging learning environment for the kids at Blevins. I always feel well informed and appreciate all the extras that the school does to promote a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere. I know my daughter is in the best of hands when I send her to school every day.”

“He’s kind and caring toward the students and parents; he’s patient as well. You can tell he loves his job and his students by the way the students gravitate toward him. I think he is such a great asset to Blevins, and we as parents are very lucky to have him taking care of our children, as if they were his own.”

“We love Mr. Ramirez! We were excited when he came to Blevins, and he continues to do a great job.”

“Mr. Ramirez is awesome. He is incredibly prompt with responses to emails and his weekly email updates are always informative and concise, not to mention he is so kind and personable to the kiddos. I feel very grateful for, and confident in, his leadership.”