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Rockwood Announces 2023 Cornerstone Award Nominees

Cornerstone Awards 2023 LogoEach year, Rockwood recognizes its support staff members who demonstrate outstanding service to the district, including bus drivers, nurses, secretaries, custodians, computer support personnel, classroom assistants, Special School District teachers and all the other Rockwood employees who serve our students and staff every day.

This year, we received 85 Cornerstone nominations for 67 different support staff members. Now, a selection committee, led by Megan Griggs, Bob Schaeg and Amy Wehr, is in the process of carefully reviewing each nomination. Six winners will be announced the week of Nov. 14, and these recipients will be formally honored at the ROSE Awards on Sunday, May 7, at the DoubleTree Hotel in Chesterfield. 

Congratulations to the 2023 Cornerstone Award nominees! Please scroll down to see some of the celebratory photos.  

Patricia Adams
SSD Teacher, Crestview Middle
Amy Ferguson
Secretary, Center for Creative Learning
Kara Limburg
Secretary, Chesterfield Elementary
Kathy Ray
Rockwood School Bus Driver, Crestview Middle
Jennifer Balog
SSD Teacher, Crestview Middle
Jacklyn Floyd
Social Worker/Mental and Emotional Health Supervisor, Rockwood School District
Nancy Lubinski
Secretary, Fairway Elementary
Bernice Robinson
Rockwood Adventure Club Facilitator 
Cynthia Baumer
Custodian, Early Childhood Center-Vandover
Andrea Garner
Secretary, LaSalle Springs Middle
Fran Maher
Child Nutrition Services Manager, Center for Creative Learning
Megan Seabaugh
Secretary, Ballwin Elementary
Heather Baxter
SSD Paraprofessional, Fairway Elementary
Sarah Guest
Secretary, LaSalle Springs Middle
Steve Malsch
Hall Monitor, Crestview Middle
Wendy Shaw
Float Nurse, Rockwood School District
Julie Bibb
Secretary, LaSalle Springs Middle
Kate Hahn
Assistant Secretary, Uthoff Valley Elementary
Josh Miller
Classroom Assistant, Stanton Elementary
Sandy Smallenberger
SSD Teacher, Crestview Middle
Luke Bower
Rockwood Technical Theater Staff, Selvidge Middle
Jessica Hausman
Library Assistant, Rockwood Summit High
Andrea Moorman
SSD Paraprofessional, Kellison Elementary
Juli Smith
SSD Teacher, Crestview Middle
Jessica Brewer
Custodian, Bowles Elementary
Cynthia Hof
SSD Paraprofessional, Uthoff Valley Elementary
Barbara Mullen
Parking Lot Attendant, Lafayette High
Monica Sood
SSD Teacher, Kellison Elementary
Shanei Brundige
Classroom Assistant, Crestview Middle
Kris Hristova
SSD Paraprofessional, Crestview Middle
Alma Nukic-Bosnjak
Lead Custodian, Early Childhood Center - Vandover
Jeanna Stark
SSD Paraprofessional, Crestview Middle
Sally Budd
Child Nutrition Services Staff, Center for Creative Learning
Colleen Jackson
Nurse, Rockwood Summit High
Lisa Pace
Classroom Assistant, Kellison Elementary
Amy Steimel
Adventure Club Facilitator, Ridge Meadows Elementary
Dawn Burger
Secretary, Ballwin Elementary
Jennifer Jacobsmeyer
Parents as Teachers, Early Childhood Center - Eureka
Benjamin Petty
Maintenance Staff at Rockwood Facilities Services
Greg Stelmachowicz
Child Nutrition Services, Rockwood Summit High
Ben Calcaterra
Dispatcher, Rockwood Transportation in Wildwood
Kelly Jessen
Custodian, Fairway Elementary
Monica Pokoski
Secretary, Rockwood Valley Middle
Dani Tajkowski
Technology Support Specialist, Rockwood School District 
Chris Chatman
Custodian, Uthoff Valley Elementary
Chad Jones
Classroom Assistant, Rockwood Summit High
Mary Potter
Child Nutrition Services Manager, Wildwood Middle
Sue VanArtsdalen
Secretary, Bowles Elementary
Madeline Coffin
SSD Teacher, Woerther Elementary
Nathan Jones
Lead Custodian, LaSalle Springs Middle
Sandra Potter
Rockwood School Bus Driver, Babler Elementary
Lisa Vowell
Library Assistant, Kellison Elementary
Robin DeClue
Secretary, Woerther Elementary
Mark Jundt
Custodian, Westridge Elementary
Janet Prasuhn
SSD Paraprofessional, Crestview Middle
Anna Weaver
Facilities Secretary, Crestview Middle
Whitney deSambourg
Secretary, Chesterfield Elementary 
Fadi Khoukaz 
Lead Custodian, Chesterfield Elementary
Randy Querry
Lead Custodian, Wildwood Middle
Susanne Werton
Adventure Club Facilitator, Bowles Elementary

Joshua Ekstrom
Custodian Supervisor, Rockwood Facilities

Karen Lafaver
Custodian, Center for Creative Learning
Tony Ramsey
VICC School Bus Driver, Bowles Elementary
Sara Williams
Nurse, Rockwood Summit High
Pam Esker
Speech-Language Pathologist, Fairway Elementary

Ellen Lewis
SSD Teacher, Uthoff Valley Elementary

Jenifer Randolph
SSD Paraprofessional, Crestview Middle

Cornerstone Nominees Photo Gallery

Cornerstone nominee Dani Tajkowski Cornerstone nominees from Ballwin Elem. Cornerstone nominee Jessica Brewer from Bowles Elem. Cornerstone nominee Sue VanArtsdalen from Bowles Elem. Cornerstone nominee Susanne Werton at Bowles Elem. Cornerstone nominee Tony Ramsey at Bowles Elem. Cornerstone nominee Amy Ferguson from the Center for Creative Learning Cornerstone nominees from the Center for Creative Learning Cornerstone nominee from the Center for Creative Learning Cornerstone Award nominee at Fairway poses for a photo with a group of students. Cornerstone Award nominee Pam Esker poses for a photo with administrators at Fairway. Cornerstone nominees Nancy Lubinski and Kelly Jessen pose for a photo with their certificate. Cornerstone nominee Andrea Moorman from Kellison Elem. Cornerstone Award nominee Lisa Pace from Kellison Elementary Cornerstone nominee Monica Sood from Kellison Elementary Cornerstone nominee Lisa Vowell from Kellison Elementary Cornerstone nominee Bernice Robinson from Adventure Club Cornerstone nominee Amy Steimel from Ridge Meadows Adventure Club Cornerstone nominee Josh Miller from Stanton Elementary Cornerstone nominees from LaSalle Springs Middle Cornerstone nominee Luke Bower is surrounded by students at Selvidge Middle Cornerstone Award nominee Randy Querry poses for a photo with Principal Dr. Cassandra Suggs. Cornerstone nominee Barbara Mullen at Lafayette High Cornerstone nominee Wendy Shaw Woerther's Madeline Coffin poses for a picture with Principal Dr. Josh Walz Woerther's Robin DeClue poses for a photo with Principal Dr. Josh Walz Cornerstone nominee Cynthia Baumer at the Early Childhood Center in Vandover  Rockwood Early Childhood custodian Alma Nukic-Basnjak Early Childhood's Jennifer Jacobsmeyer