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Let's Talk Learning: K-12 Math

The Let's Talk Learning logo features the Rockwood tree“Let’s Talk Learning” is a new series in which the Rockwood School District focuses on a specific area of our curriculum and gives our community a closer look at its foundations, goals and successes. Let’s Talk Learning is also an opportunity for our community members to share their input on our curriculum through voluntary surveys. 

This month, we take a look at K-12 math:

 A Rockwood teacher works with a student in math classThe mission of Rockwood’s math department is to develop students who are enthusiastic, competent and confident mathematicians.

  • The curriculum is focused on the Missouri Learning Standards along with the math practice standards as the foundations of our classrooms.

  • Rockwood is working to meet the needs of each and every math student. Our primary and supplemental resources are highly researched and grounded in the most current math teaching practices to help meet the variety of our learner needs. We believe all our students can achieve success in math and become lifelong math learners. 

  • To build a classroom of mathematical thinkers and cultivate an enthusiasm for mathematical learning, teachers use a variety of strategies. Working to engage our students, teachers work to create a space that is centered around student thinking to build both conceptual and procedural understanding. 

  • Two Rockwood students smile as they work on a math problem in their classroomIn our math classrooms, students are collaborating with each other and problem-solving to construct mathematical understanding. Our students can often be found gathered around a whiteboard sharing ideas or working with mathematical tools to construct models and make sense of a problem. This creates a classroom full of rich discussion that is focused on understanding. 

  • A student works on a math problem on a whiteboard in his classroomStudents are engaged in activities that promote the application of mathematical content providing opportunities to share their thinking and discuss their strategies, all in an effort to develop the habits of a competent mathematical thinker.

  • Creating a more engaging classroom allows students to deepen their thinking and increase their independence and confidence when working on a mathematical task. 



We Want to Hear from You!

Do you have thoughts about our Rockwood K-12 math curriculum? Fill out this voluntary survey to let us know what you think and help guide our curriculum review process as we continue to evaluate the ways in which we can help ensure all students realize their potential!

Please note: responses are limited to one survey per device to help maintain data accuracy. If parents would like to take the survey more than one time to share experiences that have been different for each of their children, they may do so on multiple devices.

Two students raise their hands in their classroom Rockwood students collaborate on a math problem in their classroom A student smiles as she works on a math problem in her classroom