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Bowles Bus Driver Earns 'Most Loved Bus' Award

May 17, 2023

 Rockwood students smile in their bus with their bus driverBus driver Tony Ramsey, who transports Rockwood School District students as part of the Voluntary Interdistrict Choice Corporation (VICC) program, recently earned the Most Loved Bus Award.

The award was given to one driver at each VICC bus terminal and was based on letters submitted by students on the driver's bus. 

Ramsey received a number of positive referrals from his Bowles Elementary students.

"Mr. Tony is the best! He greets each and every child with a warm smile every day," Bowles Principal Dr. Danielle Vogelsang said. "Mr. Tony not only knows his students, but he takes the time to get to know their families and teachers at school. Mr. Tony comes in and talks to the Bowles staff and has become a big part of our school community."

Ramsey was also a Rockwood Cornerstone Award nominee in the fall.

Here are some excerpts from students' letters about him!

"Thank you for keeping us safe. Thank you for helping everybody. Thank you for telling me to have a good day. Thank you for driving me to school and thank you for caring for everyone."

A VICC bus driver smiles with a Rockwood school principal"Mr. Tony is the best bus driver ever because he takes care of us. He loves us so much, and we love him."

"He makes everybody safe. And he is kind and cool, too. And he says 'hello' and 'Have a great day,' and he makes my day."

"One of the things I love on my bus is my bus driver. He makes sure you are going to get home safe. When you ride on his bus, it is always fun. I always love having Mr. Tony as a bus driver."

"You are such a funny bus driver. You always say 'Have a good one' and 'good night.' Thank you for your support."

"I love Mr. Tony because he lets me sit with people and he likes to talk with me and makes a lot of jokes with me and tells me have a good night and good day, and he lets us be ourselves on the bus. And if you are having a bad day, he will ask you what's wrong."

"You are a funny bus driver and nice bus driver. You make sure we get to school on time. Thank you for your support, Mr. Tony."

"He is very funny, helpful, loves to talk about football. He lets us talk about old stories to him. He is always happy, tells us how to be safe. When I have a problem, he fixes it right away."

"He is funny to me and he is nice to me and he is kind. He moved me to a different seat because my sister took all the space. Thank you for being our driver."