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Rockwood Staff Members Prepare for Student Success on Professional Learning Days

 Rockwood staff members sign in for a professional learning sessionProfessional learning days in Rockwood set aside important time for our teachers to become even more effective so that their students can achieve at the highest levels possible. 

Professionals in most careers - including doctors, lawyers, accountants, engineers and educators - engage in professional learning to stay current on best practices in their field.  For teachers and school leaders to be as effective as possible, they need to constantly expand their knowledge and skills of best educational practices. While teachers earn certification requirements in college to begin their careers as educators, they continue to learn through experience and professional development over time.  

In the Rockwood School District, teachers engage in professional learning in a variety of settings and formats including:

  • Graduate coursework
  • Professional reading
  • Workshops and conferences
  • Collaboration with other educators inside and outside of Rockwood 
  • Curriculum writing and implementation 
  • Mentor programs

Rockwood has a robust professional development plan that includes 

  • Summer learning opportunities;
  • Time for teachers to collaborate with their colleagues in Rockwood who teach the same courses they do; and
  • Districtwide professional learning days.

While teachers spend time in the summer learning and developing, professional learning is most effective when it occurs in the context of their daily work in their classrooms.  During the school year, teachers can immediately apply their learning to the classroom with their students.  

Districtwide professional learning days create time for ALL educators to dig deeper into learning that is connected to the courses and students that they are currently teaching.  These days allow time for:

  • Educators to engage with best practices in their curriculum content
  • Building-specific work led by school leadership teams
  • Learning strands connected to the district’s school improvement plan, The Way Forward.

This year, teachers have the ability to choose a strand from one of the Goal Areas of The Way Forward to engage in deep learning throughout the year in a cohort model.  

“Research confirms that the quality of teaching is the most important factor in student achievement,” said Dr. Renee Trotier, Rockwood Director of Learning and Development. “Professional learning is one of the most effective strategies that school districts have to improve the quality of instruction in our classrooms.”

Two staff members collaborate on a professional learning day A staff member interacts with a colleague on a professional learning day A staff member smiles while interacting with colleagues on a professional learning day Two staff members collaborate on a professional learning day