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New Kindergarten Dismissal Procedures

Please make yourself familiar with these dismissal procedures, some of which are new this year!  

There are new orange car tags just for kindergarten car riders.  Please discard tags in other colors and only use the orange tags if you have a kindergartener in the car.  A photo ID will be required if you do not have a car tag displayed.

Please try to keep your child's dismissal as consistent as possible.  If you need to make a dismissal change, please do so by 3:00PM and alert ALL of the following staff members:  your child's teacher, Nancy Lubinski and Kelly Koziol in the office.

If your child is walking you must specify North Door or South Door walker, each time you make a change to dismissal.  

North Door Walkers (going out the kindergarten end) going to the crosswalk at Blackwolf Run Drive must have an adult or sibling 4th grade or higher meet them at the stop sign on the Fairway side or they will be returned to the building.

South Door Walkers (goint out the 3rd grade end) going to the crosswalk at Roaring Fork Drive must have an adult meet them at the benches at the Fairway doors.

Other reminders:  All bike riders must walk their bikes while on Fairway sidewalks.

Please help us keep our kindergarteners safe as they head home for the day!



Nancy Lubinski