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Mental Health Services with Hazel Health Are Available Over the Summer

May 30, 2023

 A woman and a child smile while looking at a tablet with the words "Sign up for access to student Mental Health Services"May is Mental Health Awareness month and, as part of continuing efforts to provide services that support student wellness, Rockwood would like to remind families that Hazel Health virtual visits with licensed therapists are available at no cost to Rockwood families from the comfort of their home over the summer months.

Hazel Health utilizes a team of Missouri-licensed therapists to provide short-term care for students until such time that students, as needed, can be placed with local therapists. 

Over the past year, more than 300 Rockwood students have utilized the service for nearly 2,000 visits. 

If you have insurance, your insurance will be billed for the service, but there are no out-of-pocket costs for Rockwood families. If you do not have insurance, the service is available at no cost to our families.

This partnership with Hazel is designed to increase access to quality health care for all students, working in partnership with community providers, to quickly address the social-emotional needs of students who may be struggling. 

Hazel mental health services include:

  • Short-term therapy visits: Therapy sessions can help students cope with everyday issues such as anxiety, bullying, withdrawal, grief, peer and family relationships, depression, not enjoying things they used to enjoy or simply not feeling like themselves. 

  • Care coordination: Family resource managers from Hazel work closely with families to coordinate their child’s care. If your child needs additional services outside of what Hazel can offer, Hazel will help families connect with great local providers. 

  • Therapists who care: Hazel therapists know how to connect with children and teens. Their multilingual team practices culturally competent care for all students. 

Students can be referred directly by a parent or a school counselor (parental consent is required).

For more information, visit Hazel Health at

Click here to request a therapy visit for your child