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SMS- Clubs and Activities

The student activities program is designed to provide vital experiences that supplement the regular academic program. The student activities program gives direct experience in the development of character, personality and citizenship. There are four primary purposes of this program, embracing social changes and needs of contemporary society as well as individual needs.

Permission Slip


Look for your activity sign-up sheet during lunch, and sign up.


Transportation will be provided for participating students who sign up. Buses will only run on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. There will be NO buses on Thursdays. If you are planning on staying after on Thursdays for academic help, you will need to plan your transportation accordingly. Buses will depart at approximately 3:50-3:55 PM. All students should sign up for an activity bus during lunch in the cafeteria. Space on the activity bus will be allotted on a first-come, first-serve basis. Failure to sign up for an activity bus will result in a warning, with subsequent offenses resulting in the student’s removal from the activity bus for a period of time. Bus misconduct may result in the student’s removal from the activity bus for a period of time. Students who do not use after-school activity buses should arrange for transportation to be here by 3:45 PM.


SMS ECA Booklet