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Rockwood Expands Telehealth Support Through Hazel Health

 A Rockwood nurse smiles by the entrance to her officeRockwood is one of seven Missouri school districts who have recently announced partnerships with Hazel Health, the national leader in school-based health care. This partnership will allow Rockwood to provide telehealth services for K-12 students and families at certain district schools. Through Hazel Health, students are able to connect directly with licensed physicians from their school nurse's office or at home. 

"This partnership is designed to increase access to quality health care for all students, safely keep healthy students in school, positively impact attendance and provide convenience – particularly for working parents," said Amy Wehr, Rockwood's supervisor of wellness and health services. "This option for families is one more method in our toolkit to support the well-being of all students."

Hazel Health services are available to families at the following Rockwood schools: 

  • Ballwin Elementary
  • Bowles Elementary
  • Crestview Middle
  • Eureka High
  • Kellison Elementary
  • Lafayette High
  • Marquette High
  • Rockwood South Middle
  • Rockwood Summit High
  • Selvidge Middle
  • Stanton Elementary
  • Uthoff Valley Elementary
  • Westridge Elementary

As the only telehealth provider designed specifically for schools, Hazel Health's technology enables on-demand care within minutes and strictly adheres to FERPA, HIPAA and district and federal policies. The company's care team is staffed by culturally responsive, state-licensed physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants, who work alongside nurses and parents to treat students and advise on next steps.

Hazel Health actively partners with insurance companies and state Medicaid programs to fund programs. These partners support their mission to improve access to health, reduce unnecessary emergency room visits and improve key health outcomes.

"Our goal is to provide complementary support, such as access to doctors during the school day, without leaving campus," said Josh Golomb, CEO of Hazel Health. Schools are a central engagement point for students and families, meaning they're in a good position to efficiently and effectively contribute to student wellness efforts."

Rockwood families can click here for more information about Hazel Health services.