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Area First Responders Meet with Rockwood Representatives for Annual District Crisis Planning Workshop

 A Rockwood staff member addresses a room full of staff and first responders at the Crisis WorkshopNearly 100 Rockwood School District administrators, parents, Board of Education members and school resource officers (SROs) and representatives from local police and fire departments met for the district's annual Crisis Planning Workshop at the Administrative Annex in Eureka on Wednesday, Sept. 28.

After meeting virtually last fall, the workshop returned to an in-person setting this year.

The meeting served as a chance for Rockwood representatives and area first responders to convene and discuss safety procedures and protocols, part of a continuous effort to ensure the safety of the district's students and staff. Police representatives from Eureka, Ballwin, St. Louis County, Chesterfield and Ellisville attended the meeting, as well as representatives from the Metro West, Fenton, Monarch and Eureka fire protection districts and from the St. Louis County Office of Emergency Management.

“We want to thank all of our area first responders for the partnerships we share with them and their invaluable role in supporting our safety efforts in the Rockwood School District,” shared Superintendent Dr. Curtis Cain. “With the help of our staff members and community partners, we can keep our buildings welcoming and safe spaces for our staff to work and for our students to learn and grow.”

District Safety Officer Ty Dennis presents at the Crisis Response WorkshopAfter introductory remarks from Cain, District Safety Officer Ty Dennis provided those in attendance with an overview of the district Report on School Safety and Security, and Executive Director of Student Services Dr. Terry Harris provided an update on Rockwood’s crisis management procedures.

The attendees split into five breakout rooms by location to discuss three potential crisis scenarios and responses to each of them, then reconvened as a group at the end to share their discussions.

“Recent events that have occurred in our country have caused great concern in our community about safety in our schools. Our local police and fire agencies have great working relationships and are in contact daily about various events. We all work and train together on a regular basis to ensure that we are ready to respond to a crisis,” said St. Louis County Police Capt. James Mundel, commander of the City of Wildwood Precinct. “The Rockwood School District continues to be a great partner as we all work to ensure safe school environments. We appreciate Dr. Cain and the dedicated Rockwood School District leaders for providing the workshop. The Rockwood community should feel confident that the school district and our first responders take any event seriously, and we are all prepared to respond quickly and appropriately.”

Rockwood staff members and first responders smile as they interact during the Crisis Planning WorkshopA crucial part of Rockwood’s “The Way Forward” strategic plan and our “Safe, Focused and Fun” theme for the 2022-2023 school year is providing all members of our district community opportunities to work together to ensure the safety and security of our students and staff members.

On Monday, Oct. 3, nearly every staff member in the district will undergo a half day of intruder alert training as part of a regularly scheduled professional development day while classes are not in session.




First responders speak at the annual Crisis Planning Workshop Rockwood representatives listen at the annual Crisis Planning Workshop A Rockwood representative smiles during the annual Crisis Planning Workshop Dr. Curtis Cain presents during the annual Crisis Planning Workshop