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Rockwood Students Qualify for State National History Day Competition

March 13, 2023

 Three groups of Rockwood students smile at the regional National History Day competitionEight Rockwood students qualified for the state National History Day (NHD) competition at a regional qualifier at the University of Missouri-St. Louis on March 11.

A total of 13 students from Crestview Middle, Lafayette High and Marquette High participated in the regional competition, and more than half placed in the top three in their categories and advanced to the state competition, which will be held April 22 at the University of Missouri-Columbia.

NHD challenges students to complete a research project on an annual theme. This year's theme is "Frontiers in History: People, Places, Ideas."
At an NHD contest, students present their work to judges, who give all students feedback on their work and select projects to advance to the next level of the competition. Between contest levels, students are encouraged to revise their project based on what they have learned and the judges’ feedback.
The top two entries in each category at the state level are invited to attend the NHD National Contest. About 3,000 students from across the United States and overseas compete each June at the University of Maryland-College Park.
Rockwood's participants have been working on their NHD projects since September and have spent countless hours conducting historical research and creating their entries. Crestview students work on NHD as an after-school activity, while the two high school students who entered the contest worked on their projects with Crestview Academic Stretch teacher Megan Burian through Canvas, email and Zoom.
Congratulations to these outstanding students!

Two Rockwood students smile in a classroom at the National History Day competition Three Rockwood students smile in a classroom at the National History Day competition Seven Rockwood students smile at the National History Day competition

1st Place, Junior Individual Paper: Mahesh Boddapati, Crestview
HMS Dreadnought: The Battleship that Revolutionized and Created a New Frontier in Naval Warfare
1st Place, Junior Group Documentary: Vibhav Chinta, Advik Nadikota, Sidd Sawant, Crestview
Weldon Springs Site Interpretive Center: A Frontier in Nuclear Containment
1st Place, Senior Individual Documentary: Rohan Deshpande, Marquette
Economic Redevelopment over Community Preservation: The Policy of Urban Renewal that Transformed Our Cities 
2nd Place, Junior Group Documentary: Anish Munje, Ishaan Palanati, Vihaan Punjabi, Crestview
Frontiers in Education: Desegregation in St. Louis Catholic Schools