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Hundreds of Students Attend Rockwood College Fair

 A female Rockwood student meets with a college representativeRockwood students in grades 9-12 and their parents attended the Rockwood College Fair on Wednesday, Sept. 22, at Rockwood Summit High.

Around 450 students attended the fair, which gave Rockwood families the opportunity to meet in person with representatives from more than 100 colleges, universities and branches of the military.

Rockwood Safe Together health and safety strategies -- including the use of face coverings indoors, practicing good hand hygiene and maintaining social distance to the extent possible -- were in place at the event.

"It was a great turnout, better than expected," said Todd Minichiello, Rockwood's coordinator of guidance and counseling. "This was one of the first in-person the college reps had been to in quite a while, and they were excited to be back and see people face-to-face. It's a good time to build relationships with admissions reps and then demonstrate interest in that college, which is important in the application process."

Click here to see a list of organizations that attended the fair. Representatives from a diverse mix of colleges and universities -- large and small, public and private -- from around the country were included.

Admissions representatives will also be making visits to Rockwood's high schools over the coming days, so that students can continue conversations and meet in more personalized settings. Students can visit their school's page on to view when admissions representatives will be making visits to their high schools and set up a time to meet with them.

Ivy Hartman, college and career counselor at Rockwood Summit, said topics that students and parents may be interested in discussing with admissions representatives include: financial aid and scholarships; specific majors and programs; whether the school has test-optional admissions policies; and setting up a campus visit.

Taylor Phillips, a junior at Marquette High, said she was grateful for the opportunity to meet with so many college representatives in one place, especially within the district footprint. She is interested in pursuing a degree in nursing.

"There are a lot of things to consider that you won't necessarily find online, when you're seeing what schools have to offer," Phillips said. "It was very helpful being able to talk with a bunch of people. Having a lot of options around here was really nice."

For more information on the college admissions process, please find contact information for each high school's College and Career Center below:

A male student meets with a military representative at the Rockwood College Fair A female student and a family member meet with a college representative at the Rockwood College Fair A male student and a family member meet with a college representative at the Rockwood College Fair A female student and two family members meet with a college representative at the Rockwood College Fair