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Focus on Students: Lafayette High Nurses Come to the Aid of a Student Experiencing Allergic Reaction

Our theme for the 2022-2023 school year here in Rockwood School District is “safe, focused and fun.” Our main focus is on our students and ensuring that they have every opportunity to realize their potential. Part of our strategic plan, The Way Forward, involves recruiting, attracting and developing outstanding staff members to provide the best instruction and educational opportunities for all students. Here is a story of two of our outstanding staff members.

 Rockwood nurses smile outside of their schoolLafayette High nurses Kristen Emms and Kaylin Zimmer recently identified and treated a student’s severe allergic reaction, helping the student get the help that he needed before his condition became more critical.

According to the student’s mother, her son was experiencing a reaction to an unknown allergen over the course of about a week in October. Lafayette’s nurses monitored his health and, when the reaction started to become more severe, administered an EpiPen injection and called for an ambulance to transport the student to the hospital.

The student was treated at the hospital and released after a couple of days.

“This is new to me, but I'm glad that it happened at school where these very knowledgeable and caring nurses were there to help him,” the student’s mother said.

The mother also said that Emms and Zimmer followed up with her to ask for updates, sent a recommendation for an allergist and forwarded links to help her through this process.

“They saved his life,” she said. “My family and I truly appreciate them.”