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Rockwood Celebrates Information Technology Professionals Day on Sept. 20

Tuesday, Sept. 20, marks National Information Technology (IT) Professionals Day, and we want to thank the 51 employees in our Technology Department who keep us connected and are committed to sharing their knowledge and time with their colleagues.

Learn about five Rockwood technology specialists - Ellen Downs, Aneta Kolb, Robin Prado, Dani Tajkowski and Peter Vazquez - the role they play in the district and what they enjoy most about their job.

Ellen DownsEllen Downs
Instructional Technology Specialist

Number of Years in Rockwood: 27

Responsibility: As an instructional technology specialist, I help teachers build the capacity and confidence to provide technology-rich learning experiences for their students.  

What Ellen enjoys most about her job: One of the things I enjoy the most about my job is getting into classrooms and working with teachers and students. I will always be an elementary teacher at heart! I am lucky to work with an incredible Instructional Technology team and enjoy problem solving, troubleshooting and planning professional development experiences with this wonderful group of educators.


Aneta KolbAneta Kolb
Information Systems Support Specialist 

Number of Years in Rockwood: 8

Responsibility: I work in the Information Systems department and I work with Infinite Campus. I receive phone calls and emails daily from school personnel who need assistance with grading, scheduling, transcripts, attendance, ad-hocs and reports. I provide assistance with anything to do with Infinite Campus. I also help parents with password resets for their parent portal. I work with a very nice considerate team and they all have a great sense of humor. I love that! 

What Aneta enjoys most about her job: I like a job that gives me a variety of different tasks and this job does that. One day I might be working with the school calendars and the next day working with ad-hocs and reports. Each day is different.   


Robin PradoRobin Prado
Telecommunications Technician

Number of Years in Rockwood: Almost 16

Responsibility: In short, I administer the telephone and voicemail systems for the district. This includes the installation and service of over 3100 telephone handsets district-wide, and the associated emergency response system used specifically for 911 dialing and notification.  Because the phone system also provides an interface for overhead paging in school buildings, and the ever-present Intruder Alert button on each phone, I also work with Facilities Services to be sure these remain functional and accessible. I'm affectionately known as the "Phone Lady" to most people. 

What Robin enjoys most about her job: My greatest joy is to work with others to be able to use technology to meet their needs. This can be the needs of a person or department -- everything from the simple functions, like call transfer, conference calling or setting up voicemail, to more complicated scenarios like menu trees or call-center-type-environments like the Help Desk or Transportation. Even though I'm in Technology, it's the PEOPLE that really matter. 


Dani TajkowskiDani Tajkowski
Technology Support Specialist

Number of Years in Rockwood: 8

Responsibility: Each building tech has their own school (or more for elementary). I am a unique case as I support the staff, and sometimes students, at the Annex, Central Office, Facilities/Maintenance, Child Nutrition and the new Pathways Center. However, I am not only sequestered in those buildings. If there is a large project going on at another location, I and my teammates will often travel there and assist. 

What Dani enjoys most about her job: My answer is two-fold. First, I recently rediscovered my love of learning. Technology is a fantastic field of work to continuously have to learn new information about the latest and greatest products and cultivate new skills. Information technology is ever-changing and growing, and with that, IT professionals need to always be ahead of the curve in order to provide the necessary support to our customers. I am always doing my own research on problems I come across and trying different methods to find a solution.

Second, I enjoy the camaraderie of my teammates. I've had the chance to meet everyone in our department, but I specifically work with my zone and department leaders the majority of the time. Everyone is always willing to help and offer their knowledge and suggestions on how to solve issues. The department is a great group of people. 


Peter VazquezPeter Vazquez 
Help Desk Technician

Number of Years in Rockwood: 7

Responsibility: The things I do most often are change passwords for users on a majority of Rockwood's online systems; show people how to locate various online resources; and provide troubleshooting support for Rockwood devices and dozens of web services via phone calls, email and our ticketing system. Aside from that, I also maintain an inventory of technology devices; create accounts; and adjust access rights for incoming or transferring staff. 

What Peter enjoys most about his job: I enjoy solving problems, helping people out and learning new things, which are big aspects of my job. Since technology is always changing and Rockwood routinely picks up new systems, there's always another thing for me to become proficient in using, troubleshooting and teaching others about, which is nice.