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Rockwood Students: Come Explore Your Future at the Rockwood College Fair!

 The flyer for the Rockwood College Fair features a QR code and a link where you can learn moreRepresentatives from more than 110 institutions of higher learning, branches of the military and trade schools will be in attendance at this year’s Rockwood College Fair, which takes place from 6-7:30 p.m. on Sunday, Oct. 2, at Marquette High.

“Some of the colleges who will be there are big, some are small. Some our students have heard of, some they have not. Some are close to home, some are far away,” said Eureka High college and career specialist Jeff Buckman. “This is an opportunity to explore without having to travel very far. It's also a chance to connect with the college representatives, many of whom are the ones reading the applications.”

Representatives from all branches of the military will be present, as well as representatives from trade schools such as Ranken Technical College and State Technical College of Missouri. College admissions professionals representing more than 100 schools will also be there to meet with students.

Rockwood college and career staff members advise students to register before the fair at This will save students time at the fair because, instead of filling out individual cards at each table, the college will be able to scan a student's barcode to receive the same information.

It would also be beneficial for students to peruse the list of organizations that will be in attendance prior to the fair so that they can have a game plan going in.  

“Some colleges have longer lines than others, and I would suggest going straight to those tables first,” Buckman said. “Students should keep an open mind, look at colleges they’ve never heard of before and ask a lot of questions. When you go shopping, you often peruse the various clothing racks. This is the same concept. Take a look around. You just might find something you didn't know you would like.”

For more information about the Rockwood College Fair and other upcoming opportunities, students can visit the College and Career Center pages on their school websites: