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Rockwood Music and Theater Teachers Help Students Develop a Lifelong Appreciation of Fine Arts

Eureka Elementary teacher Alaina Baldwin demonstrates how to play an instrument during class.Eureka Elementary vocal music teacher Alaina Baldwin and Marquette High theater teacher Rebecca Blindauer both provide their students opportunities to work amongst themselves and give them enriching experiences as they grow.

In Baldwin’s music classes, students are working on how to read music, use their singing voices, perform an ensemble and create new and exciting compositions together.

“I use movement, playing and creating to provide my musicians with chances to sing, dance and play instruments,” Baldwin said. “My goal is to give every student a positive and joyful musical experience when they walk through my doors.”

Through these activities, all students learn how to work as a team to create beautiful pieces of art.

“I get so excited about hearing the students sing and play, I sometimes forget to just let them listen,” Baldwin said. “Giving them time to listen to music they might not otherwise be exposed to is such an important part of my job that I am continuing to improve upon each and every day.”

Students in Rebecca Blindauer's theater classes work on an assignment on stage.In Blindauer’s theater classes, students are playing improv games and taking part in a variety of activities with classmates that allow them to move freely during class.

"We are utilizing a costume piece – a purple robe – that all groups have to use in their scenes,” Blindauer shared. “It is an assignment that allows students to use their creativity and allows them the opportunity to work with friends. We have been learning about floor plans and blocking, and this was a way in which students are able to work on those concepts in a group setting.”

Both Baldwin and Blindauer agree that arts education is significant to children of all ages.

“Arts education is vital at any level. However, at the high school level, it is especially vital because there are so many feelings and issues that they experience and learn to handle,” Blindauer explained. “Theater classes and arts classes allow students to express their feelings in a safe and supportive environment.” 

Baldwin believes that showing our students the joy and fulfillment arts can have on our society sets them up for success as they age.

“As our students grow into adults, they might not perform in a band or paint regularly, but my job is to make sure they always appreciate the arts that they experience in their life day to day," she said.

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Eureka Elementary music teacher Alaina Baldwin observes a student playing an instrument. Eureka Elementary teacher Alaina Baldwin shows music notes on the Promethean board. Marquette High theater teacher Rebecca Blindauer poses for a picture with four of her students.