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Eureka High Student's Quick Actions Help a Friend Who Was Choking

 A Eureka High student and four staff members smile at the schoolEureka High sophomore Brayden Oliver's quick thinking and decisive actions recently helped one of his friends who was choking during lunch.

When his friend began choking and was unable to breathe, Oliver first tried to help the student by patting him on the back. When that did not work, Oliver calmly applied the Heimlich maneuver.

This technique worked, as the student was able to clear his airway and begin breathing. As Oliver was providing aid, two other students ran to get school resource officer Derek Ploeger to assist. Officer Ploeger immediately alerted nurse Melissa Dooley.

After some time in the nurse's office, the choking victim was able to resume his school day.

"I checked on the student at one point, and he said he had just texted his friend to thank him for saving his life," Dooley said. "I agreed with him that he was indeed a great friend and it's good to have those in your life. I think I speak for everyone (staff and family), in saying we are all grateful for the heroic actions of Brayden Oliver!"

Oliver and the two students who ran to alert Officer Ploeger all received positive office referrals for their actions.

Oliver said that, during the incident, he remembered the first-aid training from his Eureka High health class taught by physical education teacher Anna Voigt.

"Choking is a life-threatening emergency that prevents oxygen delivery to the brain, so it is imperative that quick action is taken," said Eureka High nurse Stacy Kuykendall. "While many people panic in an emergency situation such as this, Brayden kept his calm, remembered his training from years of health classes and sprung into immediate action."

Thank you, Brayden, for your heroic actions!