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Rockwood COVID Update

teacher instructing class

Interim Superintendent Dr. Tim Ricker and district leaders met this week to discuss data related to the pandemic from the first two weeks of school. Data reviewed includes student and staff infection and quarantine rates in our buildings; data from the EdPlus workgroup, which includes infection rate by county and vaccination rates by age; and data offered by the St. Louis County Department of Public Health. 

With the COVID-19 pandemic ongoing, Rockwood’s top priority this year is to keep as many students and staff members safe, healthy and learning in an in-school environment as possible. To that end, we are continuing the Rockwood Safe Together mitigation strategies that have served us well, including indoor masking, practicing social distancing and good hand hygiene, maintaining strict cleaning regimens for our facilities and encouraging students and staff members to stay home when they’re not feeling well. We are also encouraging staff and eligible students to get vaccinated if they haven’t already done so.

“We are pleased to report that our school communities are doing a good job following these mitigation strategies and, through the first two weeks of school, we experienced 91 student cases and 227 student quarantines across the district,” shared Dr. Ricker. “It’s important to note that an additional 242 students were determined to be close contacts during that time frame, but because both the positive individual and the student were masked and/or vaccincated, those students have been able to remain in school.”

For the latest information related to the district’s Safe Together mitigation strategies, including updated data from our schools and community, visit the Rockwood website. New this year, the student and staff case and quarantine information is being updated daily. Also, in an effort to improve transparency without identifying individuals, the district is using <5 rather than <10 when sharing positive cases by building. We are also sharing the number of staff members who have voluntarily indicated that they have been vaccinated, and we will also be sharing the number of students whose parents voluntarily share when their eligible students are vaccinated. 

“While we don’t want to see any cases in our community, we are also cognizant of the reality of the current health situation,” said Dr. Ricker. “We are confident that, as we continue to follow these mitigation strategies – and adjust them as needed – we can provide an in-person learning environment with as few disruptions as possible for our students and staff members.”