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Rockwood School Board Selects Superintendent Search Firm

The seven members of the Rockwood Board of EducationRockwood School District Board of Education President Jaime Bayes announced during the meeting on Sept. 16 that the Board had unanimously voted to select School Exec Connect to lead the effort to search for the next superintendent of the district.

In April, Dr. Mark Miles announced his retirement as Rockwood’s superintendent, and members of the Rockwood Board of Education moved quickly to hire Interim Superintendent Dr. Timothy Ricker. According to Bayes, hiring an interim gave the Board time to hire a firm to assist with an extensive search for a long-term leader for the district. Dr. Ricker has shared publicly that he is here to serve during the transition and will not be an applicant for the next superintendent position.

School Exec Connect was one of six independent search firms to submit a proposal for the Board’s consideration. The firm is based out of Oak Park, Illinois and has more than 17 years of experience in superintendent searches for districts that include Park Hill, Parkway, Special School District and Rockwood. 

“Our next steps will be to meet with members of the School Exec Connect team to plan ways to engage our community in the selection process,” said Bayes. The Board has established a tentative timeline to open the application period Oct. 4 through Nov. 10 and for the Board to select and announce the new superintendent for the 2022-2023 school year in December 2021.

“Finding the most qualified candidate that will be the best fit to lead our school district is one of the most important decisions we make as a Board,” said Bayes. “We look forward to working closely with School Exec Connect with input from our stakeholders to find the next leader to move our great district forward."