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Rockwood Offers Overview of Curriculum Development Process

 A Rockwood science teacher leads a lesson for her studentsRockwood School District Assistant Superintendent for Learning and Support Services Dr. Shelley Willott presented an overview of the district’s curriculum development process to the Board of Education and the Rockwood community at the Sept. 16 Board meeting.

Willott’s presentation centered on the six stages of the district’s curriculum writing process -- from development through implementation and evaluation -- and new, expanded opportunities for district parents to participate in the process through serving on a Curriculum Advisory Panel.

Rockwood parents have traditionally had a role in this process during the research, development and writing stages of curriculum development, with 10 seated parent representatives on the Curriculum Advisory Committee and its successor, the Rockwood Learning Council (RLC).

Now, Rockwood is increasing the amount of parent representation on the RLC Curriculum Advisory Panel to 47 rotating members: four from each high school, two from each middle school and one from each elementary school. School principals will be seeking the parent representatives from their buildings. Parents interested in being a part of the advisory panel may contact their school principals.

Parent representatives will get the opportunity to review curriculum designed by the writing teams and provide feedback on the curriculum before it goes to the Board of Education for approval.

“We are increasing the number of parent representatives on our panel, as well as offering day and evening meeting times for more flexibility and streamlining those meetings so that we can hold them once a semester rather than once a month,” Willott said. “That way, we can make those meetings really efficient and get things done.”

Rockwood maintains its own curriculum for more than 300 courses at the elementary, middle and high school levels. Secondary course curriculum is revisited and updated on a six-year cycle, while elementary curriculum runs on an eight-year cycle.

The curriculum development process considers:

  • Curriculum: what skills Rockwood educators teach their students
  • Lessons: day-do-day instruction teachers offer, factoring in curricular goals and students’ needs.
  • Resources: materials teachers use in delivering lessons. Primary resources for all  courses are included in their curriculum documents.

Rockwood includes experts in the field -- both nationally and within the district -- teachers, administrators and parents in the process when developing curriculum for each course.

The curriculum adoption process breaks down into six stages: research and development (Stage 1); curriculum writing (Stages 2 and 3); Implementation (Stages 4 and 5); and program and course evaluation (Stage 6).

Curriculum development meeting minutes will be available on the district website. For more information on Rockwood’s curriculum development process, view the Sept. 16 presentation to the Board at this link.