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Rockwood Announces 2022 Cornerstone Award Recipients

Cornerstone Award logoEach year, Rockwood presents the Cornerstone Awards to honor employees who demonstrate outstanding service and commitment to the school district.

From Babler Technology Center to Fairway Elementary with four stops in between, members of the Cornerstone patrol surprised the six support staff members chosen for this year's Cornerstone Awards on Nov. 17-18.

Congratulations to the 2022 Cornerstone Award recipients and the 82 nominees we received from throughout Rockwood!

  • Gary Hertz, senior system support specialist at Babler Technology Center
  • Jeffrey Horstman, lead custodian at Fairway Elementary
  • CJ Luttrell, nurse at Selvidge Middle
  • Regina Napier, secretary at Ellisville Elementary
  • Abra Phillips, hall monitor at Eureka High
  • Donyale Young, Voluntary Interdistrict Choice Corporation (VICC) School Bus Driver at Chesterfield Elementary

Cornerstone Award recipient Gary Hertz Cornerstone Award recipient Jeffrey Horstman Cornerstone Award recipient CJ Luttrell Cornerstone Award recipient Regina Napier Cornerstone Award recipient Abra Phillips Cornerstone Award recipient Donyale Young

"What an honor to be acknowledged for the Cornerstone Award," Napier said. "At Ellisville, it is all about team, and I'm fortunate to be a part of a very special team of people."

These six recipients will be formally honored at the 33rd ROSE Awards on Sunday, May 1. Thank you to the Cornerstone Awards committee, led by Jenny Friedmann, secretary at Eureka High; Carl Mertens, coordinator of financial reporting; and Twylaa Taylor, social worker at Wildwood Middle.

2022 Cornerstone Award Nominees

Richard Adams
Custodian, Eureka High
Carol DeWitt
Classroom Assistant, Bowles Elementary
Monica LaCava
Secretary, Kellison Elementary
Monica Pokoski
Secretary, Rockwood Valley Middle
Aiman Al-Samaraiy
Custodian, Marquette High
Catherine Flanagan
Secretary, Selvidge Middle
Michelle Lord
Nurse, Wildwood Middle
Tom Quatmann
Hall Monitor, Lafayette High
Sabir Al-Samaraiy
Custodian, Marquette High
Sherry Fritts
Secretary, Center for Creative Learning
Elaina Lunte
Child Nutrition Services, Lafayette High
Ismet Rejzovic
Custodian, Marquette High
Jennifer Balog
SSD Teacher, Crestview Middle
Sandra Gilles
Secretary, Selvidge Middle
CJ Luttrell
Nurse, Selvidge Middle
Mike Reynolds
School Resource Officer, Selvidge Middle
Mary Barnhart
Payroll Secretary, Rockwood Transportation
Taylor Green
Classroom Assistant, Rockwood Summit High
Steve Malsch
Hall Monitor, Crestview Middle
Dan Sanner
School Resource Officer, Rockwood Summit High
Cynthia Baumer
Custodian, Rockwood Early Childhood Center - Vandover
Diane Haselhorst
Classroom Assistant, Green Pines Elementary
Ruth Mansfield
Secretary, Kehrs Mill Elementary
Micah Schneberger
Custodian, Marquette High
Lindsey Bayer
Classroom Assistant, Fairway Elementary
Denise Hawk
Secretary, Selvidge Middle
Cindy McBride
Classroom Assistant, Ballwin Elementary
Lauren Schneider
SSD Teacher, Ridge Meadows Elementary
Jordan Berry
SSD Paraprofessional, Wild Horse Elementary
Alexa Hendrix
Classroom Assistant, Rockwood Valley Middle
Shelly McSwain
SSD Teacher, Rockwood Valley Middle
Leslie Schneider
Adventure Club Facilitator, Stanton Elementary
Sheryl Black
Secretary, Wild Horse Elementary
Stephen Henson
Custodian, Marquette High
Bob Menz
School Bus Driver, Uthoff Valley Elementary
Ann Schnieders
Child Nutrition Services, Rockwood South Middle
Tara Black
Secretary, Chesterfield Elementary
Gary Hertz
Senior System Support Specialist, Babler Computer Center
Markel Merz
Classroom Assistant, Ridge Meadows Elementary
Sandy Smallenberger
SSD Teacher, Crestview Middle
Renee Brenner
Programmer/Analyst, Babler Computer Center
Jeffrey Horstman
Custodian, Fairway Elementary
Brittany Miller
Technology Classroom Assistant, Green Pines Elementary
Juli Smith
SSD Teacher, Crestview Middle
Suzanne Buchholz
Nurse, Babler Elementary
Angie Hummel
Library Assistant, Wildwood Middle
Colleen Montgomery
Child Nutrition Services, Ridge Meadows Elementary
Phyllis Smith
Lead Custodian, Rockwood South Middle
Andrew Budd
School Resource Officer, Crestview Middle
Colleen Jackson
Nurse, Rockwood Summit High
Maria Munton
Classroom Assistant, Wild Horse Elementary
Eric Tung
Custodian, LaSalle Springs Middle
Sally Budd
Child Nutrition Services, Center for Creative Learning
Chelsea Jansen
SSD Resource Teacher, Stanton Elementary
Regina Napier
Secretary, Ellisville Elementary
Ann VanGorden
SSD Paraprofessional, Kehrs Mill Elementary
David Burnham
Custodian, Marquette High
Lindsay Jenkins
Adventure Club Assistant Facilitator, Fairway Elementary
Jamal Nekka
Child Nutrition Services, Babler Elementary
Tyler Wasson
Hall Monitor, Eureka High

Michaela Cockrum
Child Nutrition Services, LaSalle Springs Middle

Amy Jessen
Custodian, Marquette High
Hoang Nguyen
Custodian, Marquette High
Sara Williams
Nurse, Rockwood Summit High
Madeline Coffin
SSD Teacher, Woerther Elementary

Amy Johnson
Classroom Assistant, Green Pines Elementary

Mary Oestreich
Registrar, Selvidge Middle
Jeff Wissman
Custodian, Marquette High
Stephanie Craig
Substitute Teacher, Wild Horse Elementary
Louis Johnson
Lead Custodian, Marquette High
Gary Osborne
School Bus Driver, Rockwood Transportation
Kori Wright
Social Worker, LaSalle Springs Middle
Debbie Davis
Paraprofessional, Ridge Meadows Elementary
Nathan Jones
Lead Custodian, LaSalle Springs Middle
Stephanie Ottinger
SSD Teacher, Uthoff Valley Elementary
Donyale Young
VICC School Bus Driver, Chesterfield Elementary 
Patty Davis
ESOL Assistant, Wild Horse Elementary
Nikki Kremer
School Psychologist, Ridge Meadows Elementary 
Lisa Pace
Classroom Assistant, Kellison Elementary
Taylor Decker
Social Worker, Ridge Meadows Elementary
Kim Kroner
Hall Monitor, Selvidge Middle
Abra Phillips
Hall Monitor, Eureka High