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More than 80 Rockwood Students Earn Ribbons at Science Fair

More than​ 80 students and class groups from 13 Rockwood elementary, middle and high schools recently earned blue or red ribbons in their grade levels for their projects at the Academy of Science-St. Louis Science Fair.

The fair, which was held in a virtual format, is the premier STEM fair in St. Louis, with more than 80,000 K-12 students representing 200 schools throughout the region. Close to $40,000 in scholarships and awards are presented to top students annually. This year, more than 900 area students participated in the fair.

In addition, 15 Rockwood students earned Special Awards for their projects, presented by the fair's sponsors: Lucas Arbuszewski (Rockwood Valley Middle), Amol Bansal (Crestview Middle), Sandhya Chandran (Crestview), Bram Fischer (Babler Elementary), Varun Kamesh (Kehrs Mill Elementary), Radha Khare (Wild Horse Elementary), Alice Liu (Marquette High), Jamie Park (Crestview), Lithiksha Puviarasu (Ridge Meadows Elementary), Suchir Ryali (Crestview), Nikhilesh Samuthiravel Muthukumar (Wild Horse), Siddharth Sawant (Crestview), Ronav Sawardekar (Wild Horse), Vihaan Sawardekar (Crestview) and Madhav Varanasi (Green Pines Elementary).

Congratulations to the Rockwood students who earned ribbons!

* - denotes the student received a special award for their project


Rockwood students who earned a blue ribbon at the Academy of Science-St. Louis Science Fair Geggie Elementary students conduct a science experiment involving raisins

Ella Arbuszewski, Babler Lucas Arbuszewski, Rockwood Valley* Aarav Balan, Woerther Amol Bansal, Crestview*
Kenzie Becker, Fairway Madison Bleeker, Babler George Buelt, Ridge Meadows Sandhya Chandran, Crestview*
Shruthi Chandran, Wild Horse Sophie Chang, Marquette Vivaan Chechani, Green Pines Adela Crocker, Babler
Caleb Deschamp, Woerther Joel Ebenezer, Lafayette Akhil Ghanta, Wild Horse Jan-Daniel Groenewald, Babler
Avi Huria, Wild Horse Saumya Janakiram, Woerther Dionne Jantes Marmolejo, Green Pines Varun Kamesh, Kehrs Mill*
Vidyuth Kamesh, Crestview Riley Karr, Westridge Radha Khare, Wild Horse* Shreeya Khare, Wild Horse
Liam King, Fairway Norah Kroemer, Babler Alice Liu, Marquette* Caroline Oelschlaeger, Wild Horse
Katarina Oelschlaeger, Wild Horse Jamie Park, Crestview* Lithiksha Puviarasu, Ridge Meadows* Suchir Ryali, Crestview*
Nikhilesh Samuthiravel Muthukumar, Wild Horse* Talin Samuthiravel
Muthukumar, Wild Horse
Rajan Sankara Subramanian, Wild Horse Siddharth Sawant, Crestview*
Vihaan Sawardekar, Crestview* Shrey Sharma, Crestview Patrick Steger, Geggie Nathan Streberger, Geggie
Claire van Wyk, Wild Horse Madhav Varanasi, Green Pines* Kimberly Wickman’s first-grade class, Geggie  


Rockwood students who earned a red ribbon in the Academy of Science-St. Louis Science Fair Babler Elementary students perform a science fair experiment involving liquid viscosity Rachel Rowan's fourth-grade class at Geggie earned a red ribbon at the science fair for testing capsules to protect eggs

Aadrith Ala, Wild Horse Gershom Arokia Raj, Wild Horse Havisha Arunmurthy, Wild Horse Aadhira Balan, Woerther
Carly Bleeker, Babler Cody Boswell, Woerther Rishi Cherukupalli, Crestview Bram Fischer, Babler*
Scarlett Gilbert, Woerther Rayan Goswami, Wild Horse Jimmy Green, Ridge Meadows Marli Groenewald, Rockwood Valley
Ellie Hennessy, Babler Alexander Hutsell, Babler Dhanasri Kavuri, Woerther Iraj Khajuria, Green Pines
Deacon Kuhn, Fairway Ashriya Lnu, Westridge Christopher Luckner, Woerther Charlie Marschuetz, Geggie
Lily Marschuetz, Geggie Gwyneth Martin, Babler Sydney McGuire, Kehrs Mill Nichole Miller, Babler
Steffi Pais, Wild Horse Prajwal Patki, Green Pines Sanjan Pournaman Gandhi, Wild Horse Ashwin Premkumar, Crestview
Sribalaji Rajamadasamy, Wild Horse Nandini Rao, Wild Horse Ronav Sawardekar, Wild Horse* Landon Schulte, Babler
Anish Shinde, Wild Horse Advay Singh, Fairway Vihaan Singh, Fairway Sagashra Sridhar
Kumuthapriya, Ridge Meadows
Andrew Streberger, Geggie Andy Stroot, Babler Charlie Weeks, Westridge Amanda Hill’s third-grade class, Babler
Rachel Rowan’s fourth-grade class, Geggie Miranda Smith’s fourth-grade class, Babler