Dr. Tim Ricker, Interim Superintendent

  • TIM RICKERDear Rockwood Students, Staff, Families and Community:

    I am thrilled and honored to begin my tenure as your interim superintendent of the Rockwood School District. I am a proud district resident and grandparent, and my three children are all graduates of Eureka High School. I have over 45 years of experience in education, and I am a teacher at heart. I have the utmost respect for staff and students, their success and the hard work it takes to achieve that success.

    I also fully understand and appreciate how difficult and challenging the past year has been for everyone. The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on students, parents, staff and the community are immeasurable. We have healing to do both individually and collectively as a district, and I want to help facilitate that as we transition into the new school year, paving the way for your next district leader.

    Now is the time to come together, refocus on our collective goals and implement strategies to move forward purposefully with open and honest conversations about what public education should be for our students now and into the future. I want to assure you that my focus and interest is to keep Rockwood moving forward together for the betterment of each student it serves.

    We have many new things to look forward to: new staff members, more students returning to in-person learning, a search for a new superintendent, a new school year and endless new opportunities to work together on behalf of all students. But there are also things that will remain the same because they are embedded in the foundation of our success, including our focus on excellence and our commitment to do what it takes to ensure all students realize their full potential. 

    Thank you for embarking on this journey with me. I look forward to working closely with you as we move this great district forward providing outstanding educational opportunities for all students.


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    Tim Ricker, Ed.D.
    Interim Superintendent