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Wildwood Middle
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Character Education


​Wildwood Middle School believes strongly in the importance of character education. This means we strive to help students develop the strength of character they will need to further our democratic society as caring, ethical adults. Through character education integrated into every aspect of the school day, we will foster the development of personal strengths and address the critical concerns facing students today.

September - Responsibility
​Being accountable for your own choices and behaviors.

October - Respect
Showing positive regard for self, others, property, rules and authority.

November - Perseverance/Effort
Striving toward a goal despite challenges.

December - Caring
Demonstrating kindness, courtesy, and compassion.

January - Cooperation
Working together to accomplish a task.

February - Honesty
Being truthful, fair, and trustworthy.

March - Courage
Acting responsibly despite fears or difficulties.

April - Patience
Waiting calmly.

​May - Self-Control
Managing your behavior in a positive way.