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Woerther Elementary
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Frequently Asked Questions

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Communication is very important to the Woerther community.  In an effort to provide you with some initial information, we have created this FAQ sheet. We hope you find the information provided to be beneficial. Feel free to contact a member of the PTO Board at anytime.

How do I join the Woerther PTO and what does PTO do?

All parents, teachers, and staff are automatically members of the Woerther PTO (Parent/Teacher Organization).  The PTO raises funds to support a wide variety of enrichment activities.  The PTO funds school field trips, teacher reimbursements, various artistic and cultural performance, family events and a variety of special presentations and workshops.  The PTO also plays a vital role in providing feedback, information and guidance to the principal and staff.​

Are me​​mbership dues required to participate in the Woerther PTO?

There are no dues, no secret handshakes and no forms to fill out.  Just come to a meeting and find out how you can help make your child’s school even better than it already is.

What kinds of activities ​​are sponsored by the Woerther PTO?

Curriculum enrichment programs, fundraisers, and family events are sponsored by the Woerther PTO.  Refer to the committee descriptions for summaries of the events and activities.

I would like to cha​​ir an event or committee.  How do I sign up?

You may contact the board member responsible for the committee or the PTO President by phone or email if you would like to volunteer to chair an event.   Also sign-up forms are available in the lobby during Kindergarten Orientation, “Meet your Teacher” and Curriculum Night.

I’m not interested in chai​ring an event or committee, but are there other ways I can help?

Many hands are needed to staff book fairs, process and distribute fundraiser and spirit wear items.  Also small work shifts are available at many of the PTO events.  Research shows that is Pays to Get Involved.  Participation through volunteering allows you to be “hands on” with our child educations.  Our children love to see us in this environment where they spend so many hours a day.  You get to know your children’s teachers and your children’s friends.

Can I bring preschool ch​​ildren to the Woerther PTO activities?​

Children are always welcome at the family events and the PTO meetings, but please not for classroom celebrations.​question marks.jpg

How can I find out ab​out the upcoming PTO activities?

Look for flyers in your child’s folder, read the PTO bulletin board located in the lobby, refer to the PTO website, and/or read the newsletter (sent home in your child's folder) to find out about upcoming PTO sponsored events.

What are t​​he benefits of attending PTO meetings?

Participation through attendance at PTO meetings gives you a voice.  You can provide valuable input that will help decide what we do as a group.  You have the knowledge that, with your participation and involvement, the educational and social experiences of all students at Woerther have been greatly enhanced.  If you are new to the Woerther community, the established families are available to answer questions and ease your transition into becoming a school family.  We’re always happy to help whenever possible.  An added bonus is that you have the opportunity to meet wonderful people who become great friends.

When are offic​ers elected to serve on the PTO Executive Board?

Nomination forms will be available in March. Nominations are made by the close of the April meeting.  Elections for the board positions are held during the May meeting. Contact one of the Executive Board members with any questions.

Can the Woerther PTO raise​ money for other charities?

Our not-for-profit status prevents us from raising or donating money to o​​​​ther charities.​

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